Have you ever longed to go back 150 years and live in the great southwest territory of the 1800's? Maybe your desire for such an experience was awakened during your reading of a good Louis L'Amour, Zane Grey or Larry McMurtry novel, or simply the curiosity became aroused from your study of southwest history. It is with this mindset that Bobby Duby and his family wish to invite you to the Buckin' B Ranch. As our guest, you will be treated as royalty at our Red Bluff Lodge and Buck Creek Bunkhouse.

The facilities include all the comforts of modern day luxury in an "Old West" log cabin style structure. A historic creek , previously known as "Spiller Creek" now renamed "Buck Creek", runs through the center of the ranch. Fishing, wading and baptizing were popular at the creek over 100 years ago.

Buckin'B Ranch The Buckin' B Ranch includes one of the most historic landmarks in the area, "Red Bluff". Old Comanche camps were prevalent at the base of "Red Bluff' and a true Texas spring was the life blood of the Indians for so many years. Arrowheads and other signs of the historic past are still quite prevalent in the area, and the stage coach station site servicing Memphis to Wellington is still visible today only a short distance from the lodge. Please don't hesitate to contact us with questions or for more information.


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